Thursday, May 25, 2017

Facts about the DEEP WEB

It's is not in common facts that our regular browsers can only handle 4-5% of the entire web. The rest 95-96% of internet is intentionally kept hidden from normal web browsers and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. can't provide any information of that large hidden sector. This portion of the internet is called the deep web. And only special browsers like Tor Browser can access it.

Though there is a vast world behind that wall, for legal reasons we can't and wont provide direct links of any of these things mentioned here. Things mentioned here are for educational purpose only. We do not take any responsibility to anything people take form this article.

Here are some interesting things you would find on the deep web:

Stolen Credit Card information: 

If you need a lot of money to spend on the internet, deep web is just the right place for you. By paying the right amount you can have any Credit Card information hacked.

Porn world:

Ever wondered getting real fresh porn made just for you? Pay the right parties and you will get as much as you want. There are various services regarding this sector. You can also get someone for video chat live on the cam. The deep web is considered the largest market for live porn.

The Hacking World:

A huge number of hackers are awaiting on various sites for your custom order to hack literally anything. You want to hack your ex's social account? or is a government site? anything from starter to expert level they will hack it down.

Thieves or burglars:

There are some sites on the deep web who also clam that they will steel anything from anywhere on demand. Yes you can have your car back from your ex. Once they've got your ordered product, they'ill post you a image of it. Then you'ill get that 'product' after payment. There are also sites who sell stolen products on auction which are not claimed after a request.

Match fixing: 

All sorts of illegal betting and match fixing is here. Just with click of a button and you are in gambling! People spend an ocean of money here on every match. It is one of the best tempting facts people use the deep web.

Illegal weapons: 

Before you start telling me that you could get a gun at the corner store, this one is not for US. For the people outside US,  if you want to get a gun this is where you’ll get one.


Getting someone killed is as you expect not cheap but from the looks of it, they’ll get the job done. Though at first I wasn’t so sure about this one myself, but then I saw the pictures they posted as proof that these guys actually mean business.

Human Experimentation:

This is where some of the most screwed up stuffs happen. People are doing experiments of any kind on real live human subjects, which are mostly homeless people picked off streets. There are sites where people are used to pick up orphans and other people off streets and sold them as sex dolls. Here’s where it starts to get disturbing. They cut off their arms and legs, close all openings that are the eyes, mouth, ears, you get the idea. It’s not over yet, they also offer the options of having hooks installed so that you can hang your sex doll anywhere.


The most famous thing about the deep web is you can get every drug ever made. From premium quality marijuana to pills and acid. They are very discreet in their packaging and delivery. You might have even heard of ‘The Silkroad’ which was the most credible source for some fine bud; it got taken down very recently.

Government secrets:

For the conspiracy theorists the deep web offers every conspiracy theory that any one has imagined. Also there are many government secrets out there. Recently some were taken down by the FBI, so you better hurry!

We can go on and on. But there must be an end to this article. Thanks for reading. Please like us to get updated news.

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