Tuesday, June 13, 2017

7 Women you won't believe exist!

There are women who make us amazed for sure by the quality they hold. But some of them are really beyond imagination. Here are 7 women you won't believe exist:

1. Beshine:

Beshine is a German adult model who says that she has the largest breast in the world. Each breast weights 20 lbs however she recently recorded that each breast weights 35 lbs. Her bra size is 32-G. Clearly Beshine has had some plastic surgery done and she has breast implant. She says her breasts are so heavy as though she is constantly carrying a round tire on her chest. She loves the attentions she gets for her breasts. Her only problem is finding clothing that fits. 

2. Jyoti Amge:

Jyoti Amg is the tiniest woman in the world. She is a little bit taller than a bottle of soda. She stands at 2 feet 6 inches tall. She is so small because she was born with a type of dwarfism called Achondroplasia. Jyoti got lucky when it came to her proportion. Most people with this type of dwarfism are disproportional and they don't live comfortably.

3. Erika Ervin:

Erika is one of tallest trans gender female models working in the world today. She os also known as "Amazon Eve". She stands at 6'8" tall. And she is been featured on the cover page of many main stream fashion magazines. Today she is working as a personal trainer and it has been her life's goal of helping other people to improve their body image.

4. Cathie Jung:

Cathie has been wearing a corset for last 16 years hoping to obtain the tiniest waist in the world. Thanks to her corset, her waist is just 15". Unlike women who wear corsets, she wear one 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year. She is known as the "Queen of the hearts". And she holds the world record for having the smallest waist in the world. 

5. Asha Mandela:

Asha is a real life Rapunzel and her hair is over 19 feet long! In 2008 she wrote the record for the longest hair in the world. She begun growing her hair over 25 years ago after she was diagnosed with cancer. Despite going through chemotherapy, she was able to maintain her hair growth.

6. Mikel Ruffinelli:

Mikel was born in normal sized woman. At one point she was 5'4" and weight about 180 lbs. When she was pregnant, with her first child she gained 56 lbs and she continued to have children as her hips grew larger and larger. Today her hips measures at circumference about 8 feet. She is very proud of her record breaking shape and she consumes 5000 calories a day just to maintain it.

7. Aneta Florczyk:

Aneta is known for being the strongest woman in the world. She has won the world strongest woman competition more times than any other woman in history. She is a power lifter and is able to lift a grown man over her head.

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