Friday, June 16, 2017

Al-Baghdadi is dead - Russian Defense Ministry

Russia's Defense Ministry has released images showing the aftermath of airstrikes believed to have killed the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi.

The pictures show how an ISIL command center near Syrian city of Raqqa looked before the Russian airstrikes and afterwards.

The assault is believed to have killed up to 30 ISIL commanders and hundreds of fighters of the terror group so called Military Council.

Officials are still verifying reports of Al-Baghdadi's death as yet there is been no official confirmation.

Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, has said,
Of course I heard reports on the elimination of Al-Baghdadi but I still have no 100% confirmation of this.
The US also said it's not been able to confirm the death of the head of the terror group either.

Colonel Ryan Dillon, combined joint task force spokesman:
We cannot confirm these reports at this time.

At the end of May the Russian army got hold of intelligence pointing to a big get together of Islamic States commanders to discuss plans on how they can retreat, how they can flee the city. Raqqa is been de facto Islamic State capital that is been under the siege by the coalition forces for a while now an the only way to retreat that city from the jihadis is to the south. After using drones to examine the location the Russian Air Force carried out a major air strike. In which they say 30 ISIL commanders are destroyed and also as many as 300 fighters killed.

Al-Baghdadi is the most important person of the terror group ISIL and since 2011 he's had a huge bounty on his head. In particular, the Americans were 25 million dollars for any information on the whereabouts any kind of data that could lead to his capture or death.

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