Sunday, June 18, 2017

Iran fires missiles against E.Syria

Iran says it has launched missile strikes against what it calls "terrorist bases" in Syria. According to Iranian media reports Tehran has fired ground-to-ground missiles into Eastern Syria targeting "terrorist bases" that they say are responsible for those twin terrorist attacks in Tehran earlier last week.

This development is rather significant because it's not only the first time that Iran has launched a missile strike into Syria since they've been providing military support to the Assad regime. It's also the very first time that they have launched any mid range missiles since the end of Iraq war in 80's.

But it is only Iranian media reports. There is no official confirmation yet from neither governments.

On 7th June ISIL militants have targeted two key in the capital city Tehran. At first a gunman stormed Iranian parliament and opened fire during when the parliament was in session. And at the very same time a separate militants have stormed the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini and detonated suicide bombs there.

These twin attacks have led to death of at least 18 people and dozens injured. ISIL has claimed responsibility for those two attacks.

Since those attacks Iran's Foreign Minister had come out and said that the ISIL has claimed responsibility for the twin attacks showed that Saudi Arabia is involved in these attacks. Iran has long been accusing Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorists and the relation between Tehran and Riyadh had been very tense; increasingly tense.

Iranian revolutionary guards have even linked the twin attacks to US president Donald Trump's visit to Riyadh.

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