Sunday, June 11, 2017

Qatar is funding terrorism - Trump

Donald Trump has claimed Qatar is backing terrorism at a high level as the diplomatic scandal surrounding Qatar and it's neighboring Gulf states deepens further. Speaking at his press conference with the president of Romania (June 9, 2017) , Donald Trump spoke very harshly against the state of Qatar in the Middle East.

This is exactly what he had to say ad it's somewhat similar with what was said by secretary of state Tillerson earlier.
"The nation of Qatar has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level. The time had come to call on Qatar to end it's funding. They have to end that funding."
Let's go over the facts about Qatar:
  • Qatar has monarchy.
  • Has 1 Army base.
  • Has 1 US Air Base
  • 3,500 Troops
So there is a large US military presence in the country, roughly 3.500 Troops in total.

In response to the situation in which they have been having their disagreements with countries throughout the region. At this point they do have some allies. Now the Islamic Republic of Iran has agreed to allow Qatar to use their ports. So Iran has come to their aid and is allowing them to use their seaports for ocean cargo and such. 
And furthermore we have Turkey that has just announced that it has passed legislation allowing it to deploy troops to Qatar.

Now interestingly, not only does Qatar have a strong US military presence in the country, but also has a lot of military contracts with The United States. In particular, Qatar has purchased quite a few Apache helicopters from the US. So there is a billion dollars of military contracts between these countries right now.

So, as Donald Trump escalates the tensions and accuses Qatar of being a funder of terrorism at the highest level, we are seeing some increasing divisions in the regions with Turkey and Iran speaking in support of Qatar   

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