Monday, June 19, 2017

US shots down Syrian jet conducting anti-terrorist raid

One of Syria's fighter jets has been shot down by US-led forces. The Syrian government says the plane was conducting a counter-terrorist raid when it was brought down to the site of Raqqa.

Statement of the US refers to the Syrian Democratic Forces which is the militia group operating along with the US-led coalition trying to take the city of Raqqa from the control of IS. But it can also be confirmed according to several sources that the Syrian military is operating in that area that the fighter jet was carrying out air strikes against the convoy from IS moving from one town to another 30 km Southeast of Raqqa. And the fighter jet in no way posed any direct or indirect threat to any militia group operating alongside the US-led coalition.

But there is more to that story. The US is trying to establish a boundary and red line in the Syrian conflict for the Syrian army not to cross them and trying to actually prevent the Syrian army from achieving two goals. The first goal is to limit the presence of Kurdish Militias which is the backbone of SDF and the second goal is to actually hinder the operation of the Syrian military to arrive to the city where an IS siege is on for past 2 years.

To put things in perspective if IS is pushed out of Raqqa, which seems to be the scenario, it is very likely that it will be pushed out through an agreement between the SDF and IS that will allow IS fighters a safe way out. And those fighters will than have only one choice to go to the Jazrah to take the city from the hand of Syrian government.

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