Sunday, July 23, 2017

Chester Bennington’s Wife: ‘My Husband was Murdered and I Have Proof’

Following the tragic news of Chester Bennington’s sudden death this week, his wife has announced that she has proof that her husband didn’t commit suicide.

Talinda Ann Bentley has shocked fans of the late Linkin Park singer by revealing that Mr. Bennington was dead before his body was hung.
In a post from her official Twitter account, she said:
“he was already dead before he hung himself, I have proof..”

The post was removed again shortly after it was posted and retweeted many times by disillusioned fans.
Chester Bennington’s death has been shrouded in suspicion since his body was found on Thursday morning in his Los Angeles home.

He was pronounced dead on the birthday of his close friend Chris Cornell who was also found in the exact same way a little over 2 months prior.
Both men were found hanging behind a door and, on each occasion, the police prematurely ruled their deaths as suicide.

Friends and family of both Cornell and Bennington said they were shocked by the news as neither of them was in any way suicidal before their deaths.
A close friend of Mr. Bennington said that he knew something “troubling” about Chris Cornell’s death.

The new claims about Bennington’s death from his wife have now raised even more questions about the legitimacy of the “suicide” ruling.

Yahoo reports: Tweets posted from the official account of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington’s wife Talinda Ann Bentley on Friday suggested her husband “didn’t kill himself”.

The tweets were posted hours after 41-year-old Bennington was found dead at his Los Angeles home in an apparent case of suicide.

His family is yet to issue an official statement on his death.

The tweet was posted from the official account of Talinda Ann Bentley hours after her husband Chester Bennington’s death, July 21, 2017.Shinoda, Linkin Park’s rhythm guitarist, is yet to respond to the tweet.

Ann Bentley followed the first tweet with another tweet that said: “heAnn Bentley posted the tweet that said: “he was already did before he hung himself, I have proof..” It’s not clear what her tweet meant.
It’s not clear at this point what her tweet meant by “proof”.Social media users expressed remorse over the vocalist’s death.

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"He was already dead before he hung himself"??? How can he hung himself if he was already dead? Riddle it seems!

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