Monday, July 24, 2017

Hezbollah is against Islamic State : Official confirmation

Lebanon's political and militant group Hezbollah has officially confirmed its fighting Islamic State alongside Syrian government forces. They launched a joint offensive against terrorists positions on the Syria-Lebanon border in the western Qalamoun region.

The operation is taking place in the Isis's last stronghold along the border with Lebanon. The terror group set up a military base in a mountainous area inside Syria. Islamic State had been moving closer to the Arsal refugee camp just across the border in Lebanon.

Lebanon's Hezbollah has long been fighting alongside Assad government forces throughout the six years Syrian civil war. But for the first time the armed group is making it official.

Hezbollah claims it is driving Al-Nusra and Isis terrorists as well as rebels out of the last foothold on the Syria-Lebanon border, a mountainous region.

So far it sounds like another development in the on going fight against terrorism in Syria, right? So what's the big deal? let's break it down.

Who's unhappy?

Hezbollah's presence in Syria has always been a bone of contention as Israel, The US, Arab league all view the group as a terrorist organization:

In Lebanon, Hezbollah, a terrorist organization uses towns to shield its smells of tens of thousands of illegal rockets. It's militias stand side-by-side with Syrian troops as they slaughter the Syrian people. -Nikki Haley. US ambassador to the UN.
Iran continues to support terrorism including Palestinian terrorism Hezbollah and also assists Hamas. - Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister of Israel.
Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and they are currently engaged across international lines, in fighting, in another country overtly. - John Kerry. former US Secretary of State.

Who's happy? 

But not everyone categorizes Hezbollah fighters as terrorists. The list of those who don't, includes Syria, Russia, China and of course Iran which funds it and helped create the group in the 80's.

The Russian, Iran and Hezbollah are our allies and they came here legally. They support us against the terrorists. Bashar Al Assad. President of Syria.
There are many participants in fighting. These are the Syrian armed forces and those forces that are usually called pro-government including Hezbollah which is supported by the Iranians. Sergey Lavrov. Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Hezbollah is fighting alongside this block against the terrorist group that western media has proven that they were supported by western countries, by the US, by Saudi Arabia and also by Israel. - Jamal Wakeem. Professor, Lebanese University.

Why now?

So, why is Hezbollah being more present in Syria all of a sudden? 

Raising the flag by Hezbollah might be an attempt to assure the supporters of Hezbollah that the fight will go on against the terrorist groups until the end. - Jamal Wakeem.

Looks like Hezbollah is waving its flag openly in Syria as is feeling confident it's on the winning side. 

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