Friday, July 21, 2017

Russia and China start their first drills in Baltic

The first ever Joint Russia-China drills in European water starts today in the Baltic sea. the military exercise between the two countries will last for a full week. However even before it takes place, the event is sparking a strong reaction.

Western media is in a spin over the joint sea 2017 naval drill starting today between Russia and china. Headlines have been littered with lines like invasion and war whilst warning of a challenge to NATO. So what starts the panic? well, first of all its the location the Baltic sea rightly in the heart of northern Europe and next to NATO bases. And secondly the Chinese ships are making their debut tour in this part of the world.

...And that wasn't threatening enough, their teaming up with Russia. The joint sea drills are nothing new, they've been held annually since 2012 but this first stage of Baltic coast has already caused a frenzy. As a trio of Chinese vessels made their way there leaving the British, Dutch and Danish navy scrambling to shutter them out of their water; much to the amusement to the Russian ambassador to China.

But then, wasn't this response predictable?  In October last year a Russian fleet sailing around Europe sparked headlines like these. Leading some European states even consider sending vessel to intercept the group. And this fear of Russian ships has been around for some time already.

Like Sweden has spent 20 years insisting that the Russian submarines are sneaking around it's coastline until they realize that the only thing lurking there were minks.

But it can be confirmed that out of this moment no minks are scheduled to take part in joint sea 2017.

Meanwhile, the US and their allied countries have just finished their massive exercise in that region.

Saber Guardian took place in eastern Europe on the territory of three countries, still aimed at deterring so-called Russian aggression. Some 25,000 personnel from more than 20 states participated in the biggest drill of its kind in five years. As always the media is amping up their job of hyping.

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