Friday, July 7, 2017

Trump and Putin are to meet for the first time

After nearly 6 months in the White House, the time has finally come for Donald Trump to meet the power, Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin meets the billionaire president for the first time in person.

Both presidents meets for the first time at a G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. It is being build as a show down at the time surrounded by controversy with sanctions against Russia, the role of NATO and the conflict in Syria are likely to be high on the Agenda.

A protester holds a flare during a protest ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg.
Just yesterday Trump starts the fire when he urged Russia to seize it's "de-stabilizing" activities in Ukraine and it's support for "Hostile regime" elsewhere.

When the leaders of world's two biggest superpowers, US and Russia, meet it is always a big occasion. But today's meeting is the first between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has added significance.

During the US election Donald Trump spoke positively about Vladimir Putin.
If Putin likes Donald Trump, I can see that as an asset not a liability.
But since he became president, their relationship has been controversial being claimed "Russian intervention" in the US election process that could have helped him win.

So,  how do the two superpowers match up?

  • In terms of political experience Putin's 13 years in the top job over two spells, easily out ways Trump's 6 months in office.
  • But with 326 M citizens living in the US compared to 142 M in Russia, Donald Trump is the leader of many more people.
  • In terms of how these people see their president, Vladimir Putin is much more popular. Over 80% of Russian say the support him. Fewer than 40% of Americans support Donald Trump.
So, where do the pair agree and disagree?

The most possible area of disagreement is Syria. Vladimir Putin has historically defended Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. But after the Syrian government launched a "chemical attack" on it's own people, Trump called the action an affront to humanity. In recent date however US has said that it is willing to cooperate with Russia on the Syrian conflicts.

The two countries do have a common goal wanting to eradicate Islamic State.
Another point of contention could be Crimea.

A woman waves a Russian flag as armed servicemen wait near Russian army vehicles outside a Ukrainian border guard post in the Crimean town of Balaclava.
Trump said, The US is working with Poland in response to what he called Russia's de-stabilizing behavior.

And of course this North Korea.
President Trump has warned that could face some severe consequences after it's test of inter continental ballistic missile this week.

Russia says, it opposes the use of military force.

No one is really sure what topic goes up when the two meet, would there be any significant out comes. But it will give certainly the two presidents to size each other up.

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