Thursday, July 6, 2017

Heavy move: US threatens China for trading with North Korea

The US has threatened to take action against North Korea after Pyongyang test-fired a new missile in violation of UN sanctions. The statement came from Washington's ambassador to the UN, during a session of the Security Council.

Reaching to the 15 member body in Manhattan at the UN headquarters  in the security council chamber, US ambassador Nikki Haley spoke strongly not just against North Korea but against any country that she felt supports them.

In her statements largely condemning the recent launch of a missile, she went as far to threaten the use of military force utilizing military options. This is what she said at the security council:
The United States is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. One of our capabilities lives with our considerable military forces. We will use them if we must.
Now this statement from US ambassador Nikki Haley comes following a twitter storm from Donald Trump
and statements from other US officials accusing China of having economic relations with the DPRK that are inappropriate or illegal.

China has responded and said that all of their trade with North Korea is completely legal and compliant with international laws and treaties.

Now interestingly at this point the US will soon submit a draft resolution to the UN security council and US leaders say if this resolution is not passed they will take action on their own.

The Russian envoy has also spoke to the UN security council and he said that the sanctions are not the way out of the crisis. He went on to urge the UN security council to have more dialogue.

He said:
Sanctions cannot be a cure-all and this has been demonstrated by histories. So what we need here is to seek a political solution and we creative in our diplomacy. We've proposed as I've said in my statement to work collectively.
 There has been a proposal from both Russia and China to de-escalate the situation on the peninsula with not only North Korea ending it's nuclear proliferation and it's testing of missiles but also the either states are getting rid of this stat missile system in the South and ending their provocative military exercises with South Korea.

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