Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Al-Aqsa replaced" - Video shows google maps altered Al-Aqsa with the Third Temple

An alarming video has surfaced youtube that shows google maps changed the Al-Aqsa mosque which is one of the holy site for the Muslim community all around the world with The Jewish Third Temple.

As google verifies every single street view upload by their expert team before publishing, question arises was it intentional from the elite order. The video descriptively shows each points before and after. It was published in November'16 when it was even harder to get approved for street views.
We checked the link below the video to get to the point on google maps but the point was removed. But the video is still there. At the end of the video they searched for the profile who uploaded the view. In Hebrew the profile name means "Temple Mount is in our hands".

For past few years conspiracy theorists are emphasizing that the Al-Aqsa can be replaced with the Third Temple, but they have never seen such evidences before where a tech giant is preaching such disgrace.

It's a shame for Google that they are this much capricious when it's about places like these that could simply start WW3 for simple reasons.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this.

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