Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Trump Assassination Attempt: Antifa Member Arrested Outside White House

An Antifa member was arrested by Secret Service outside the White House after he had traveled to Washington D.C. having vowed to assassinate President Trump and "kill all white police."Michael Arega of Dallas, Texas was apprehended by agents on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park shortly after 4 p.m. where he was trying to make his way into the presidential building.

According to witnesses, Arega was forcibly taken into custody when he was arrested, and could be heard screaming:

"Antifa will slaughter every American pig! Slaughter you while you sleep, like dogs!"
In a statement, the Secret Service said they were warned in advance of Arega's intentions by an alert had been issued by the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland to be on the lookout for Michael Arega after he had been making public threats.

Arega had even "checked-in" and posted his location as the White House on his own Facebook page to keep other members of far-left groups up-to-date with his "progress."Before leaving for Washington D.C., he had vowed to other leftists that he would "kill" Donald Trump and "all white police officers" at the White House.

Daily Mail reports: Police issued the lookout after being contacted by Arega's wife in Texas about her husband's threatening statements. Cops went to the Days Inn hotel in Silver Spring where Arega was staying at around 1:30 p.m. in an attempt to find him, but he was not there.

"Secret Service personnel at the White House immediately increased their posture of readiness and began searching for Arega," the Secret Service said in a statement.Arega was detained by Secret Service Uniformed Division officers and arrested before he could attack anyone.

The Secret Service said Arega was not armed at the time of his arrest. He was taken to the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department, where he was charged with making felony threats.
In the 24 hours leading up to his arrest, Arega had been regularly updating his Facebook page.

He reposted a conservative news post showing Donald Trump's reaction to the Sutherland Springs shooting. Above the status update, Arega wrote:

"Kill him in Jesus name!!"

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