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Trump says he is behind the Huawei ban in the UK

US President Donald Trump has said he was the main force behind the final decision of Washington's partners: forbid China's telecom company Huawei from their 5G systems or face the possibility of no more business with the US.

“We convinced many countries, and I did this myself for the most part, not to use Huawei,” Trump said at the Rose Garden on Tuesday.

The Chinese media communications mammoth has passionately denied Trump's claims that it was taking requests from Beijing. Accordingly, the US president doubled down, saying that he sees Huawei as a “big security risk.”

Those US partners who might have dared to defy Washington on the issue faced a choice, Trump stated: either to permit Huawei into their 5G markets, or cut off business ties with the US.

Trump explicitly referenced the UK, which was the most recent nation to crumble under the US pressure. While the British government at first greenlighted a restricted Huawei relo in the nation's 5G launch, it has confronted mounting pressure from Washington to turn around its choice. London in the end did so earlier on Tuesday, declaring that inland telecoms organizations would be prohibited from buying the Chinese company's hardware before the current year's over. Huawei is set to be completely detached from the British 5G network by 2027, when local suppliers must dispose of all their Huawei gear.

Trump likewise raised Italy as another evident case of the fruitful US arm-twisting. While Rome has not yet declared its ultimate choice on Huawei's support in its own 5G rollout, there have been reports that it is thinking about barring the firm from the undertaking.

The Trump administration has been on a worldwide hostile against the Chinese media communications mammoth since 2019, when it prohibited the US government from purchasing technology from a few Chinese companies, including Huawei, ZTE, Hikvision, Hytera, and Dahua. Recently, it has been reported for that the US is that the US is eyeing to tighten the ban, with a standard that would keep any firm utilizing items from the five tech firms.